Maintex Cleaning Academy

Maintex Cleaning Academy


The Maintex Cleaning Academy is a free, up-to-date resource from your trusted experts. View our instructional videos, download training manuals, take quizzes to verify comprehension, and easily purchase equipment and supplies using the convenient Maintex online store.

Training Modules

General Cleaning

Thorough daily cleaning positively impacts tenants, visitors and service providers by extending the life of property assets, improving appearances, and promoting health and wellness.

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Visit the Maintex online store to place your order any hour of the day or night. With convenient shopping lists, easy reordering, and optional approval workflows, the store is your one-stop-shop for cleaning supplies!

Housing Communities

Cleaning Pool Decks and Shower Areas

The following steps will show you how to clean pool areas, outdoor furniture, and pool showers.

Cleaning Pet Areas

A proactive program utilizing the following steps will eliminate odors and keep your pet-friendly community clean and sanitized.

Cleaning A BBQ Grill

When cleaning barbecues, safety comes first so use the right tools, supplies and PPE and be sure to handle chemicals properly.

Cleaning Fitness Centers

The following steps will assist you in providing a clean, sanitary, and odor-free fitness environment for your active residents.

Floor Care

Popular product

Pro-Tex All

Cleans, renews and protects water safe surfaces including: wood, stainless steel, glass, leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber, marble, granite and corian countertops. Lemon scented silicone fortified emulsion protects against the harsh elements of weather, heat, and ultraviolet light rays. Preserves and renews damaged surfaces while providing natural shine.

Carpet Care

Daily Restroom Care

A thorough and professional daily restroom cleaning supports wellness and creates an important impression of a building’s overall cleanliness.
Popular product

Mr. Digester Restroom Cleaner

This innovative product naturally eliminates foul odors using a bacterial formulation that effectively cleans and deodorizes without harsh chemicals. It contains no acids or caustics and is safe on all surfaces. Mr Digester Restroom continues working long after the product has been applied!

Cleaning Tools