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Dilution Solution

Dilution Solution

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Which of the following statements is NOT true?

1. The Dilution Solution system is a safe, convenient way to mix concentrated chemicals into ready to use solutions.
2. The Dilution Solution system dilutes products accurately each and every time.
3. The Dilution Solution System is only effective in a few specific environments because it is very difficult to operate.
4. The Dilution Solution System saves space and eliminates product waste.

With the right training, the Dilution Solution is a simple, versatile tool that is effective in any environment where safe, accurate chemical dispensing is important.

Question 2 of 10.

Which of the following is a potential application of the dilution solution system?

1. Filling a secondary spray bottle from the fill tube directly on the Dilution Solution unit
2. Using the Portafill to fill the solution tank of an automatic scrubber
3. Remote fill dispensing from the unit’s hose into a mop bucket
4. All of the above

All of these are potential uses for the Dilution Solution system.

Question 3 of 10.

True or False: The dispenser should be installed near a water source.


Choosing a location near a water source is important for the function of the system.

Question 4 of 10.

True or False: To install a chemical in the wall mounted unit, you should remove the shipping cap from the half gallon bottle, slide it into an available slot, and attach the unit's tube and cap.


All Maintex concentrate bottles include pre-installed metering tips.

Question 5 of 10.

What temperature should water be when using the dilution solution?

1. Cold
2. Warm
3. Hot

It is important to only use cold water when using the Dilution Solution System.

Question 6 of 10.

True or False: When selecting the chemical you want to use, the arrow on the selector knob should always point down.


You should turn the selector knob until the arrow is facing the concentrate you want to use.

Question 7 of 10.

True or False: When changing from one chemical to another, you should flush the system by dispensing the new product for five seconds into a disposal bucket or the sink.


Flushing the system properly will prevent cross contamination.

Question 8 of 10.

True or False: It is best to keep several unlabeled bottles near the Dilution Solution System so that you can easily dispense any chemical. Use the color of the liquid to determine which chemical is in each bottle.


You must always properly label secondary chemical bottles before dispensing product. Not using proper secondary labels is against the law and can be dangerous.

Question 9 of 10.

True or False: When using the Portafill dispensing system, you should attach both the water hose and the chemical bottle directly to the dispensing unit.


After you have attached the chemical bottle and the cold water hose, turn on the water, select the bottle or bucket setting, and begin filling by squeezing the trigger.

Question 10 of 10.

True or False: Always turn off the water at the source when you are done using the Dilution Solution System.


Make sure to turn off the water at the tap or spigot to prevent leaks.

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Dilution Solution

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