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Fitness Centers

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How often should the fitness center be cleaned?

1. Once per week
2. When tenants complain
3. Once per day, or more often depending on use and traffic

Fitness centers should be cleaned every day, and more often if they are heavily utilized.

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When cleaning fitness centers, which PPE is required?

Earplugs and safety glasses
Gloves and heavy boots
Safety glasses and gloves
Earplugs and heavy boots

You should wear gloves and safety glasses when working with chemicals and coming into contact with dirty surfaces.

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What items may need to be refilled when cleaning the gym?

Equipment wipes
Hand sanitizers
T-Cell deodorizer cartridges
All of the above

Any of these items may need to be refilled, though you may not have T-Cell deodorizer cartridges in your facility.

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When sanitizing high contact touch points, Turbo Kill needs to dwell for:

1 minute
5 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes

For maximum effectiveness, Turbo Kill must remain wet for 5 minutes.  Make sure you re-wipe the surface if it begins to dry before the 5 minutes are up.

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Which surfaces should be cleaned using Turbo Kill?

Carpets and floor mats
Exercise balls and weights
Benches and handrails

Turbo Kill should be used to wipe all non-porous (hard) high contact surfaces. This includes equipment, hand rails, door handles, benches, and other touch points.

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True or False: See Thru is used to wipe down glass, mirrors, and equipment screens.


See Thru is a streak free and quick drying glass cleaner for use on glass, chrome, and other reflective surfaces.

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Which of the following chemicals can be used to remove isolated stains on carpets?

1. Oxy Citrus
2. Turbo Kill
3. See Thru

Oxy Citrus is an all purpose cleaner and carpet spotter that can be sprayed directly onto carpet stains.

Question 8 of 9.

After spraying a carpet stain with spot cleaner, you should:

1. Allow the chemical to dry
2. Soak up the chemical and the stain with a clean towel

After spraying the stain with Oxy Citrus, press a clean towel onto the spot to lift the stain. If the stain does not come out, repeat this process until the stain is removed.

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True or False: Periodically cleaning carpets and hard floor surfaces with the appropriate machine, such as a T1 micro-scrubber or an R3 carpet extractor, can extend the life of these surfaces.


Periodic carpet extraction and floor scrubbing extends the life of floors and reduces odors.

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Fitness Centers

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