Orbital Floor Stripping Knowledge Quiz

Orbital Floor Stripping

Orbital Floor Stripping

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True or False: Orbital floor stripping is a safe, chemical-free process for removing floor finish.


The chemical-free dry stripping process dramatically reduces labor, is exceptionally safe to use, and allows cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

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True or False: You should dust mop the floor prior to orbital stripping.


You should always dust mop the floor prior to beginning the orbital stripping process to remove loose debris.

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When using an orbital stripping machine or orbital autoscrubber, which of the pads will be in contact with the floor?

1. Maroon prep pad
2. Red backer pad

Attach the maroon prep pad to the velcro on the red backer pad, then attach the red backer pad to the bottom of the machine.

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How frequently do you need to change the maroon prep pad?

1. After about 500 square feet
2. After about 1000 square feet
3. After about 2000 square feet
4. After about 4000 square feet

For both orbital floor machines and orbital autoscrubbers, replace the maroon prep pad after about 1000 square feet to ensure it maintains its abrasive stripping effect. Remember to use both sides of the pad.

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When using an orbital floor machine, what motion should you use to strip floors?

1. A figure 8 motion
2. The push-pull method in straight lines
3. A side-to-side swing motion

You should operate the machine with the push-pull method, moving back and forth in a straight line.

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After you have completely removed the floor finish with an orbital floor machine, what is the next step in the orbital floor stripping process?

1. Rinse the area thoroughly with a wet mop or microfiber
2. Thoroughly vacuum the residue
3. Apply chemical floor stripper with a mop in a figure 8 pattern
4. Nothing - you are ready to refinish the floors

Once you have completely removed the floor finish, vacuum thoroughly to remove all the dust, then rinse the area. Some orbital floor machines come with onboard dust collection.

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True or False: When using an orbital autoscrubber, move quickly to avoid damaging the floor.


An orbital autoscrubber should be operated at a slow, even pace for maximum effectiveness.

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An orbital autoscrubber should be filled with water that is...

1. Cold
2. Warm
3. Hot

You should fill the scrubber with cold water. Remember to wet an area of the floor the size of the pad to prevent initial dusting.

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True or False: The orbital autoscrubber solution valve should be set to the lowest setting.


You should turn the solution valve to the lowest setting before using the autoscrubber. No chemicals are needed.

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Orbital Floor Stripping

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