General Cleaning Training Module

General Cleaning Training Module

Restroom Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning

Properly maintaining your facility’s carpeted areas on a daily basis will protect and extend the life of the carpet, enhance the appearance, and improve indoor air quality.


Always use Personal Protective Equipment when cleaning restrooms and whenever you are handling chemicals. Read the label instructions and review the SDS for products you will be using. Never mix chemicals as it could cause serious injury.


Place “Wet Floor” or “Restroom Closed” signs at the entrance to the restroom.


Check to make sure that all lights, fans, and dispensers are working. Replace any worn out batteries.


Remove urinal screens and blocks and place them on a paper towel until cleaning is complete.


Flush all toilets and urinals to make sure they are not clogged, then lower water levels by forcing the water over drain traps with a bowl swab or brush.


Spray disinfectant cleaner on touch points including flush handles and toilet seats.

Tip: Allow disinfectant to dwell while you clean other areas of the restroom.


Apply toilet bowl cleaner along the inside rims of toilet bowls and urinals. Do not flush the toilet.


Dust all horizontal surfaces. Start with high surfaces and work your way down.


Wipe down partitions and stall doors with a microfiber cloth moistened with disinfectant cleaner.


Remove hair and debris from sinks with a paper towel.


Apply restroom cleaner or disinfectant inside of the sink and on exterior surfaces.


Rinse the surfaces with a wet microfiber cloth.


Spray mirrors with glass cleaner and wipe with a microfiber glass cleaning cloth.


Check and refill all dispensers.


Empty trash receptacles and feminine product containers by removing the entire liner and disposing of it, then replacing the liner.

TIP: Do not touch or compress trash with your hands: there may be sharp objects that can cause injury.


Wipe down the exterior of the trash receptacle with disinfectant.


Clean all toilets and urinals with a bowl swab or brush, including under the rim.


Flush the toilet to rinse the bowl and swab, then flush a second time.


Wipe down the exterior from top to bottom using a microfiber cloth.


Replace urinal screens and blocks and dispose of the paper towels.


Sweep the floor, paying special attention to corners. Work from the farthest inside corner towards the exit.


Dilute restroom cleaner or disinfectant into a bucket and wringer with cold water according to label directions.


Immerse the mop in the cleaning solution and then lightly wring it out.


Mop the entire bathroom working from the farthest inside corner towards the exit.


Give special attention to areas under and around urinals and toilets.

TIP: Do not remove “Wet Floor” or “Restroom Closed” signs until the floor is dry.

Finishing Up


Perform a final inspection and complete any necessary checklists or forms.


Take collected waste to the designated collection point.


Return your cart and tools to the cleaning supply closet. Place cleaning tools in their designated locations.


Rinse used mops and hang them to dry or place them in the laundry.


Empty and rinse all buckets.

TIP: Make sure to keep restroom equipment and mops separate to prevent cross contamination. Remember, a clean, well-organized supply closet makes doing your job easier!

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Restroom Cleaning

A thorough and professional daily restroom cleaning supports wellness and creates an important impression of a building’s overall cleanliness.

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