Cleaning Pet Areas

Properly maintaining your facility’s carpeted areas on a daily basis will protect and extend the life of the carpet, enhance the appearance, and improve indoor air quality.


Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Use the right tools and supplies and always refer to the SDS for proper chemical handling.


Always use your Personal Protective Equipment - safety glasses and gloves.


Always read the label instructions on each bottle to ensure proper use.


Pour LOD-Liquid Odor Digester into a pump sprayer. Dilute the LOD in a 50-50 mixture with water.


Remove any feces or debris before beginning the cleaning and treatment process.


Using a garden hose, spray the turf thoroughly to rinse and wash away any debris.


While the turf is wet, spray the LOD over the entire area. LOD is an 8-strain bacteria with genetically engineered enzymes specifically designed to digest foul odors.


Pet use will determine the frequency that cleaning is required. Be sure to clean proactively, and as often as needed to prevent complaints from residents.


It is very important to keep a regular program in place to eliminate the odors and keep the flies away, especially in the heat.


The best time to clean the artificial turf is first thing in the morning. The turf is cool, and the surface should not dry quickly. As long as the turf is wet, the LOD will double in its strength every 20 minutes. LOD will eliminate the foul odors and leave behind a mild pleasant scent.


Next, move to the pet waste station and spray a liberal amount of TurboKill disinfectant onto a clean microfiber towel.


Wipe down the waste station. Refill the dog waste bags as needed.


Empty all trash receptacles and replace the trash liners in each one.


To address pet issues on walkways, walls, and planters, use the pump type sprayer and apply the LOD (Diluted 50-50 with water) to the affected areas. Wet thoroughly, and use as often as needed.


LOD can be used on artificial grass, pavers, concrete, carpet, tile, outdoor walls, dumpsters, trash chutes, around bushes and anywhere where odor is an issue.

NOTE: LOD eliminates the ammonia and methane odors associated with pet areas. It can be used more frequently during warmer months.

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