Applying Floor Finish

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When finishing floors, which of the following PPE is NOT required?

1. Safety glasses
2. Stripping boots
3. Gloves

It is important to wear safety glasses and gloves when handling chemicals. Stripping boots are not required when finishing a floor.

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True or False: Finish should only be applied to completely clean, dry floors soon after they have been stripped or deep scrubbed.


It is important to completely clean floors before applying floor finish. Make sure to use only a clean, unused finish mop.

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Which of the following steps are necessary in preparation for the floor finishing process?

1. Post wet floor signs around the area to be finished
2. Remove furniture and fixtures and dust mop the floor
3. Check and clean the baseboards and corners of the area, as needed
4. All of the above

Floor finish must only be applied to a clean, dry surface, free of dust. Remove all furniture and fixtures, post wet floor signs, and check hard-to-reach areas for dirt and debris.

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True or False: Before applying floor finish, you should burnish the clean stripped floor with a high speed burnisher and burnishing pad.


Burnishing will close the pores on the floor’s surface and increase the floor gloss prior to applying floor finish. If your burnisher does not have a dust control feature, you will need to dust mop again after burnishing.

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When applying floor finish, what is the ideal number of coats to apply in one night?


Four coats of finish will provide the optimum base to withstand the rigors of daily cleaning. Applying two to four added coats on a subsequent night will increase the life of the finish. Never apply more than four coats in one night.

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How often should you apply finish around the outline of the area you are finishing?

1. First coat
2. Every coat
3. Every second coat
4. First and last coat

The first and last coat of finish should be applied to the border in an outlining method.

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When applying floor finish, first outline the border of the area you are finishing, then fill in the center using:

1. Wide sweeping arcs
2. A figure 8 motion
3. Long straight lines
4. Very small circles

Use a figure eight motion to apply a medium thick coat for smooth application that is easy on your back

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What is the minimum amount of time you should wait for each layer of finish to dry between coats?

1. 5 - 10 minutes
2. 10 - 15 minutes
3. 15 - 20 minutes
4. 20 - 25 minutes

You should wait until the floor is completely dry to the touch - usually a minimum of 20-25 minutes. Applying coats to a wet or damp floor will result in an uneven finish.

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True or False: Extra floor finish can be returned to the original container and reused for subsequent finishing.


Any remaining floor finish must be disposed of properly. It cannot be returned to the original container or used at a later time, as it will become contaminated.

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True or False: Using the microfiber applicator method saves time over the traditional mop and bucket application process.


Because this microfiber applicator dispenses floor finish onto the mop pad with the press of a button, it is more efficient than a traditional cut mop and wringer system.

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Applying Floor Finish

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