Daily Carpet Cleaning

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A daily carpet care program will:

1. Protect and extend the life of carpet
2. Enhance the appearance of carpet
3. Improve indoor air quality
4. All of the above

Carpets are an important and expensive investment that require daily maintenance. A daily carpet care program will protect and extend the life of the carpet, enhance appearance, and improve indoor air quality.

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Which of the following should you NOT do before vacuuming carpet?

1. Inspect your equipment to ensure it is in proper working condition
2. Pick up noticeable debris including any metal objects
3. Pre-treat all spots with a carpet spotting chemical

It is important to inspect equipment and pick up debris before vacuuming. You should never vacuum carpet that is wet.

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What is the best tool for cleaning air vents and ducts?

1. Round dusting brush
2. Crevice tool
3. Upholstery tool

Use the vacuum's wand and hose attachment along with a round dusting brush to clean air vents and ducts.

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What other item should you vacuum on a daily basis?

1. Wall curtains
2. Entry mats
3. Hard floors

Make sure to vacuum entry mats every day. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from entering the building.

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What is the best method for treating large carpeted areas with many spots?

1. Spray Method
2. Stand-Up Pole Method
3. Spot Extractor Method

For large carpeted areas with extensive spots, use a powered spot extractor. This is also effective for daytime spill clean up when buildings are occupied.

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Which of the following chemicals should NOT be used as a carpet spotter?

1. Oxy Citrus
2. Maintex Just Right Carpet Spotter
3. Bleach

Oxy Citrus and Just Right Carpet Spotter are neutral pH, general purpose spotters that will remove most common spots and spills. Harsh products such as bleach will damage and discolor carpet.

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When cleaning a small spot using the spray method, what is the best way to prevent the spot from spreading?

1. Saturate the area with large amounts of chemical
2. Work the spot inwards towards the middle with a carpet spotting brush
3. Work as quickly as possible

Working the spot towards the center with a carpet spotting brush will prevent the spot from spreading. Do not oversaturate the area. You may need to repeat the process multiple times to fully remove the stain.

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How long should carpet spotter be allowed to dwell?

1. 30 seconds
2. 2 minutes
3. 15 minutes

Work several spots at a time. Let the chemical dwell for at least 2 minutes to penetrate and loosen soil, but do not let it dry.

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When spotting, how often should you switch to a new towel or bonnet?

1. After treating each spot
2. At the end of your shift
3. When the towel or bonnet becomes visibly soiled

When the towel or bonnet becomes visibly soiled, turn it over and use the other side. After both sides are soiled, replace with a fresh towel or bonnet.

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True or False: A spot extractor will flush, rinse, and vacuum away the soil with clear water in a single pass.


Spot extractors are quick and effective tools for cleaning carpets, upholstery, and fabric surfaces.

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Daily Carpet Cleaning

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