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Restroom Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning

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When preparing to clean a restroom, which of these steps is NOT needed?

1. Gather your supplies
2. Put on your personal protective equipment (PPE)
3. Dilute a mix of restroom cleaner and disinfectant in a spray bottle
4. Place “Wet Floor” or “Restroom Closed” signs at the entrance to the restroom

Never mix chemicals as it can cause serious injury.

Question 2 of 10.

Each time you clean a restroom, which of the following should be checked for refills?

1. Toilet paper
2. Hand soap
3. Paper towels
4. Toilet seat covers
5. Deodorizers
6. All of the above

All of these items should be checked for refills. You should also check all lights and fans, look for clogs in flush toilets and urinals, and replace worn out dispenser batteries, as needed.

Question 3 of 10.

True or False: When dusting surfaces in the restroom, you should start with surface closest to the ground and work your way up to the ceiling.


You should start with higher surfaces to prevent dust from falling on lower, already cleaned surfaces. Dust all horizontal surfaces including door frames, partitions, light fixtures, and wall vents.

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When cleaning urinals, urinal screens should be removed and...

1. Thrown away
2. Put in the sink
3. Placed on a paper towel

You should place urinal screens on a paper towel until cleaning is complete. Remember to replace urinal screens and blocks and dispose of the paper towel when you are done cleaning the urinals.

Question 5 of 10.

True or False: After applying toilet bowl cleaner along the inside rim of toilet bowls and urinals, you should immediately flush the toilet or urinal so that the chemical is evenly dispersed.


You should allow bowl cleaner to dwell before scrubbing with a bowl swab or brush. Next, flush the toilet or urinal to rinse, swab again, and then flush a second time.

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Which of the following surfaces should be cleaned with disinfectant?

1. Toilet seats
2. Flush handles
3. Countertops
4. Sink basin, handles, and faucts
5. All of the above

All of these surfaces should be sprayed with a disinfectant. Remember to let the disinfectant dwell according to label directions.

Question 7 of 10.

True or False: When collecting waste from trash receptacles and feminine hygiene containers, you should compress the trash with your gloved hands to save space.


You should not touch items in waste receptacles and you should never compress trash with your hands, as there may be sharp objects.

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What is the proper product to use when mopping restroom floors?

1. General purpose restroom cleaner
2. Disinfectant cleaner
3. Mr. Digester Restroom Cleaner
4. Any of these products may be appropriate

All of these products can be used to mop restroom floors. Consult with your supervisor or Maintex sales representative to determine which product is best for cleaning restroom floors in your facility.

Question 9 of 10.

True or False: Equipment and mops that are used to clean restrooms can also be safely used to clean adjacent hallways and other areas of the facility.


Remember to keep equipment and mops for restroom cleaning separate from other cleaning tools to prevent cross contamination with other areas of your facility.

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True or False: Mopping floors is the final step in the restroom cleaning process.


After all other cleaning is complete, you should perform a final inspection and complete any necessary checklists or forms. If appropriate, turn off lights and lock doors.

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Restroom Cleaning

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