Tools Training Module

Tools Training Module

Maintex Dilution Solution

Maintex Dilution Solution

Properly maintaining your facility’s carpeted areas on a daily basis will protect and extend the life of the carpet, enhance the appearance, and improve indoor air quality.


Always wear personal protective equipment when handling chemicals. Review the product labels and chemical SDS. When using a secondary bottle it must be properly labeled.



Identify the location for the dispenser installation. Choose a location near a water source and preferably in or near the cleaning supply area.


Carefully remove the dispenser and accessories from the packaging and follow the included setup instructions.

TIP: Your Maintex representative can assist with the installation.

Using the Dilution Solution Unit


Begin by attaching a short water hose to the spigot with a Y connector. Then attach the hose to the dispensing unit.


Unlock the cabinet and add the concentrate bottles by removing the shipping cap, placing the 1/2 gallon bottle in an available slot, and attaching the tube and cap.


Turn on the cold water at the water source. Never use hot water.


Select the chemical to dispense by turning the selector knob in the center of the unit until the arrow is facing the concentrate you want to use.


Place the dispensing hose into the bottom of the container and press the remote fill dispensing button. Fill to the desired level of the container and release the button.


To fill a properly labeled secondary spray bottle, select the chemical of your choice, then place the fill tube into the bottom of the bottle. This prevents excess foam when filling. Push the bottle in to begin filling to the desired level.

TIP: Secondary bottle labels are color coordinated to match the concentrated bottles.


When changing from one chemical to another, flush the system by dispensing the new product for 5 seconds into a disposal bucket and then begin filling the new chemical.


At the completion of your shift, clean the unit by wiping it down after use and empty the drip tray. All empty chemical containers must be triple rinsed and emptied.


Periodically check for hose wear and cap replacement as needed.

Using the Portafill Dispenser


Attach the chemical bottle to the dispensing unit and the hose to the hose fitting.


Screw the water hose to the water spigot and turn on the cold water.


Select the bottle or bucket setting, and begin filling by squeezing the trigger.

TIP: The Portafill is also is available with a foaming attachment for special off-the-floor cleaning needs such as bathrooms where clinging foam is necessary.

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