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Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms are used by all occupants of buildings as well as by visitors. They create an important impression of a building’s overall cleanliness and are critical to health. A thorough and professional daily restroom cleaning supports wellness and will eliminate viruses and germs that are easily spread from critical touch points.

Applying Floor Finish

Floor finish should be applied immediately after a floor has been stripped or deep scrubbed in order to protect the floor, increase the safety of the surface, and enhance the appearance.

Orbital Floor Stripping

Orbital floor stripping is a safe, chemical-free process that allows for the even removal of floor finish across the entire cleaning path.

Traditional Floor Stripping

Floor stripping is the process that comes before applying floor finish when mopping or scrubbing are not enough to restore a floor’s appearance.

Restorative Carpet Care

Restorative cleaning is a process that renews visibly soiled and dingy carpet to enhance the image of any facility.

General Cleaning

Thorough daily cleaning positively impacts tenants, visitors and service providers by extending the life of property assets, improving appearances, and promoting health and wellness.