Carpet Care Training Module

Carpet Care Training Module

Restorative Carpet Care

Restorative Carpet Care

Restorative cleaning is a process that renews visibly soiled and dingy carpet to enhance the image of any facility.


Always wear personal protective equipment when handling chemicals. Wear gloves when spotting carpet. Review the product labels and chemical SDS. When using a pump sprayer it must be properly labeled.

Prepare the floor


Remove furniture and fixtures, then detail vacuum the carpet, paying special attention to corners and edges.

TIP: While you are vacuuming, take note of heavily soiled areas that may require special attention.


Dilute the pre-spray into the pump sprayer according to label directions.


Place Wet Floor signs blocking off the carpeted area to be cleaned.

Restorative care process


Fill the extractor solution tank with warm water and add Last Step Carpet Rinse according to the label.


Add one ounce of defoamer to the recovery tank.


Pre-spray traffic lanes and heavily soiled areas, then brush the pre-spray onto the surface with a carpet brush or carpet rake.


Treat spots and stains with carpet spotter.


Allow the products to dwell for at least 5 minutes.


Plug in the extractor and adjust the handle. Beginning at the point farthest from the exit, turn on the power and engage the pump and vacuum brush mode.


Clean the carpet by squeezing the solution trigger while slowly pulling back in a straight path.


Release the solution trigger several feet before reaching the end of each cleaned path and continue pulling machine to pick up the excess solution.


Tip the extractor back on the rear tilt wheels and push the machine forward to the beginning of the next area to clean, overlapping each path by a few inches.


After a few passes, check your recovery tank. If there is excess foam, add more defoamer. When the water pickup stops or the recovery tank becomes full, unplug the power cord and empty the recovery tank. Add more defoamer to the recovery tank and more solution to the solution tank, then continue cleaning.


Traffic lanes and heavily soiled areas may require extra care. In those areas, clean with several repeated passes with the brushes without adding solution. This allows you to operate only the brush without over-wetting the carpet.


Use air movers to dry the carpet for 3-4 hours. In large areas, multiple air movers may be required.


Once the carpet is completely dry, remove the wet floor signs and return furnishings to their original positions.


When you are finished, empty and rinse the extractor tanks, clean the brushes, and wipe down the machine. Rinse out the pump sprayer. Return your supplies to the cleaning supply area.

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Restorative Carpet Care

Restorative cleaning is a process that renews visibly soiled and dingy carpet to enhance the image of any facility.