Housing Communities Training Module

Housing Communities Training Module

Cleaning Pool Decks and Shower Areas

Cleaning Pool Decks and Shower Areas

The following steps will show you how to clean pool areas, outdoor furniture, and pool showers.


Pool Area

Always wear personal protective equipment when handling chemicals. Use the right tools and supplies and be sure to review product labels and chemical SDS.


Always use your Personal Protective Equipment to protect your eyes and hands when cleaning.


Always read the label instructions on each bottle to ensure proper use.


Begin by spraying a liberal amount of diluted Safe Blue cleaner onto a clean microfiber cloth.


Thoroughly wipe down and completely clean all patio furniture, including the legs and sides of each chair.


Repeat the process, using Pro-Tex-All Protectant. Spray directly onto the cotton towel and thoroughly wipe down the furniture. Do not spray directly on the furniture.


Using Pro-Tex-All on the patio furniture will help bring back its luster and protect it from the sun.


For the side tables, spray a liberal amount of diluted Safe Blue cleaner onto a clean microfiber cloth.


Wipe down and completely clean the tabletops to ensure no debris is left.


Wipe down all the chairs and make sure that the surfaces are both dry and clean.


When cleaning cushioned patio furniture, be sure it is dry, and then vacuum the dust from the cushions, back and arms of all chairs and couches. AVOID WATER.


Spray a liberal amount of Oxy Citrus onto a clean microfiber cloth. Briskly wipe the cushions, back and arms of all chairs and couches. Be sure to thoroughly dry the surface.


If there are oil stains, Safe Blue will work best by using the same method.


To clean the pool deck, begin by placing ‘wet floor’ safety cones around the area you’ll be cleaning.


The concrete and pavers vary at each community. The frequency for maintaining these areas must be determined on an individual basis.


Remove all debris and clear the patio furniture into a position where you can easily access it once you are finished.


If the stain or soil is heavy, pre-spray the area using diluted Lightning Plus in a pump sprayer. Allow the degreaser to sit for at least 5 minutes, but do not let the solution dry.


The best method to clean stains on concrete is to use a T1B micro scrubber. Fill the solution tank with 2.5 gallons of water and add 6 ounces of Safe Blue.


With the vacuum turned off, scrub the surface, and then turn the vacuum back on and continue scrubbing while vacuuming the soiled water.


Heavily soiled areas such as BBQ locations, may require a stronger solution to remove the grease spots. Allow time for the area to dry completely and then remove the safety cones.


Be sure that all signs surrounding the pool are wiped clean.

  • Be cautious using electrical cords in wet areas. Avoid water.
  • Never spray Pro-Tex-All directly onto patio furniture.
  • Be very cautious and do not over spray on to the concrete.
  • Once your microfiber cloth has become soiled, make sure to replace it with a fresh one.
  • By completely wiping down the patio furniture using Pro-Tex-All, you are bringing back its luster and helping to protect it from the sun.
  • Shower Area


    Wearing your Personal Protective Equipment is very important for this step. Always read the instructions on all labels to ensure proper use.


    Using Turbo Kill disinfectant, spray down all cross-contaminated areas such as showerheads, knobs, the floor, and handrails.


    Let Turbo Kill set for 5 minutes to eliminate bacteria.


    Using Fresh & Clean, pour onto the yellow side of a scrub sponge.


    Apply Fresh & Clean to all surfaces that need to be cleaned. Allow this to set for a few minutes, but don’t let it dry.


    Next, turn the sponge over to the scrub side and agitate the surface until all the same areas have been covered.


    Complete this same method on the floor, but use a deck brush to agitate the surface.


    Rinse all areas completely and allow to air dry.

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